2023 Study: CBD and THC are effective for Social Anxiety, but ONLY at the right dose

This review study examined the subjective, behavioral, and neurobiological effects of cannabis and cannabinoids in social anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). It was published in the journal Reviews in the Neurosciences in October 2023.

The review included twenty years of the most recent studies (2003 to 2023). There were a total of 18 studies that met the researcher's criteria for this topic.

Their conclusions support the generally accepted bi-phasic nature of several cannabinoids. A moderate oral dose of CBD was effective. However, at lower and higher doses, CBD was not effective. 

THC was effective at lower doses (around 7mg). However, at higher doses, THC increased social anxiety.

They also found than CBD helped reduce the anxiety-producing effects of high doses of THC.

Author's quotes:

Results showed that CBD decreases social anxiety, producing an inverted U-shaped curve, with anxiety measurements being reduced at intermediate doses administered orally (300-600 mg), but not at lower or higher doses.

THC either reduces (lower doses, 6-7.5 mg) or increases (higher doses) social anxiety measurements.

CBD attenuates the anxiogenic effects of THC

The effects of THC and CBD in anxiety are associated to the modulation of fronto-limbic regions [of the brain].


The abstract is available here at PubMed.



Rosário BDA, Lemes JA, de Lima MP, Ribeiro DA, Viana MB. Subjective, behavioral and neurobiological effects of cannabis and cannabinoids in social anxiety. Rev Neurosci. 2023 Oct 11. doi: 10.1515/revneuro-2023-0078. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37812748.