2022 Cannabis & Hemp Pocket Guides (100)

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More cannabinoid and terpene knowledge in your pocket than most people ever knew existed! 100 copies of our 2022 (& a half) Cannabis Pocket Guide focuses on the main active ingredients in cannabis and hemp products and is a compact, inexpensive quick reference for enthusiasts, patients, customers, professionals, and budtenders. 

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  • 12 Cannabinoids & 23 Terpenes with their boiling points in Celsius and Fahrenheit, reported benefits and effects, and flavors
  • Cannabinoid Bioavailability Infographic covering different consumption methods, their duration, and onset times
  • Major Cannabinoid Family Tree (Biosynthetic Pathway) shows how and when all the major cannabinoids are created - now includes D10-THC, THC-O, & HHC
  • Small, sleek, & pocket-sized for life on the go: 4.25" x 3.67"
  • Great for exploring different terpenes and cannabinoids and tailoring your own individual experience
  • Space for your own info with a standard mailing label (see image)
  • Quantity: 100 Pocket Guides

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