Display Ads

These are the types of standard display advertising formats we can accommodate, and the information we need from advertisers. We will consider others on request. All are 300x250 unless stated otherwise. We can accept PNG, JPG, and GIF image files.

3D Rotating Cube:

This ad displays 6 images and captions of your choosing in a very slick rotating cube (on the latest browsers). Great for capturing attention. The cube will accept any photo sizes, but square works best if you don't want any auto-cropping or sizing. It's best not to use a transparent background on pictures for this ad.

Default Destination URL: The destination where the end user is redirected, after the ad is clicked on.

Logo Image: Advertisement Logo

Call to Action (CTA): Advertisement Call To Action
Default value: VISIT OUR WEBSITE

Show Navigation: Whether or not to show the slide numbers.
Default value: False

Auto Slideshow Timeout: Set to 0 to disable the auto slideshow
Default value: 2000ms (2 seconds)

Default Caption: A fallback caption for slides without a caption
Default value: Join us for cooking classes!

Cube Images (In Order of Appearance):
An image (square to avoid cropping) for each side of the cube (6 total)
A caption for each respective image (6 total)
A link for each image (If different from CTA) so that the user is taken to a different page when they click each side of the cube

Twitter Feed Ad

Create an ad from a Twitter account username. This pulls in the latest from a *public* Twitter feed once per hour. It displays the photo, caption, and optionally, comments and like information on the post. 


These are the fields / inputs taken to generate this ad. 

Default Image: The default image to display if a user's tweet does not contain an image
Default value: [empty]

Twitter Username: The Twitter username of the user whose feed you would like
Default value: rookcoffee

Override Name/Title: By default, this is the Twitter user's "full name," but you can override that here
Default value: [empty]

Width: The maximum width of the ad
Default value: 300px x 600px


Standard 300w x 250h px Display Ad (Static)

These are classic display advertisements. You only need to provide an image and provide a destination link for clicks.

Size: 300px wide x 250 px tall 

File Format: xxx.jpg, xxx.png, xxx.gif