It's True: Ingesting cannabis with saturated fats will save you money

Since most cannabinoids are fat-soluble, ingesting/swallowing them with foods or drinks high in saturated fats will help more of those cannabinoids get into your bloodstream, and then to the rest of your body. 

It increases the bioavailability significantly, which is normally very low for ingested cannabinoids (5-15% or so). Our Key Knowledge page talks about this. If you've got a higher percentage going into the bloodstream, then you can take less, and save a little money. 

This article from the Medical Cannabis Network references a study that showed bioavailability was increased by 4 to 14 times. That's a huge increase, and unless you would rather use 14 times MORE cannabinoids, it's probably worth trying. Now you've got another excuse to enjoy that cafe latte or cheeseburger.